Instructions for application for Sherwood Cares/CTO Microgrant 2023 

**The microgrant program is available to specific nonprofits that have been contacted by Sherwood Cares. If you have not been contacted about this program, please disregard.

There are three stages to the microgrant process:

  • The microgrant request is screened by the nonprofit and Jim Pieczynski.
  • The microgrant Submittable application is filled out online.
  • The microgrant is reviewed and considered by Sherwood Cares.

1. All microgrant requests must first be reviewed by the nonprofit. We want an administrator at the nonprofit to screen the request prior to submitting paperwork, so not to disappoint the applicant if the request is denied. The request with details can be sent to or call Jim Pieczynski at 805- 443-5812 PRIOR to submission. 

2. Once the review process by the nonprofit is complete, and the request is deemed appropriate to apply, the application and advocate form can be submitted by the nonprofit on the Submittable form. 

3. Sherwood Cares/CTO will not accept applications sent by an individual that is not employed or associated directly with the nonprofit. 

The Application Process Details: Please read through the entire document.    

1) Nonprofit reviews the request and contacts Jim Pieczynski/Peggy Bishop by phone or email about the request.  If we believe the request will be funded, we will let you know to complete for application online.

2) Gather the Advocate form and application: 

We request that an adult advocate (social worker, community volunteer, etc.)  complete the advocate form that essentially vouches for the person, the need and why they believe this assistance would make a difference. When filled out, please give to nonprofit director/administrator. 

Please have the Application form and advocate form ready to upload on Submittable. 

3)  Please go to link to fill out Submittable application as instructed.

Sherwood Cares review of application: The microgrant committee for Sherwood Cares along with the Conejo Teen Organization will review the application and get back to you as to whether it was approved with a goal of replying within two weeks. If the microgrant is approved, a check from either Sherwood Cares or CTO will be sent to the nonprofit for the specific purpose associated with the application.   

If you have any additional questions, please contact Jim Pieczynski at All inquiries should originate from the nonprofit that will be submitting the application.

Sherwood Cares